Gwyneth Paltrow, Goop Under Fire For Promoting 'Potentially Harmful' Diet Plan

Gwyneth Paltrow and her company, Goop, recently went under fire for allegedly promoting unhealthy and potentially harmful diet plans.

The article in question was originally published six months ago, and it featured weight loss advice from famed fitness guru, Tracy Anderson. One fan asked Anderson how to lose weight quickly when there’s a big event or party coming up.

Anderson, who has worked with Jennifer Lopez and Madonna, said that losing 14 pounds in four weeks is possible as long as carbs and gluten are removed from the meal plan. Some readers noted that the advice was too drastic. Other claimed that a sudden change in diet could be harmful for anyone.

Goop released a statement to E! News to clarify their stand on the issue. “We would never advocate for an unhealthy diet or extreme routine. As Tracy said in the interview, you should make choices based on what is best for your individual body,” the statement read.

Meanwhile, Anderson’s claims were challenged by nutritionist Rhiannon Lambert, who told Independent that she was shocked by what she read online. More specifically, the Harley Street nutritionist debunked Anderson’s claims that cutting out gluten and carbs from one’s diet could speed up weight loss.

“It is not sensible to eliminate whole food groups or make drastic dietary changes which are not sustainable,” she said.

On Wednesday, a spokesperson for Anderson said that the fitness guru has ample experience in the field of weight loss, diet and exercise.

“Over the course of her 20-year career, Tracy has consistently practiced owning a 1-2 lb. weight loss per week when someone has unhealthy weight to lose. Owning a 1-2 lb. weight loss per week is different than simply dropping 1-2 lbs. per week, which causes people to hold onto unhealthy weight. Of the 14 lbs. that someone could effectively lose in a month – if they have excess weight on them – the goal is to own 8 lbs. of that, which is aligned with Tracy’s practice of not living on extreme diets,” the spokesperson said.

As of late, Paltrow, the owner of the lifestyle brand and retailer has not yet commented regarding the issue.

Gwyneth PaltrowWill Gwyneth Paltrow release a statement regarding the recent controversy that Goop is involved in? Pictured: Paltrow visits goop-In@Nordstrom for Book Signingon May 19, 2017 in Seattle, Washington. Photo: Mat Hayward/Getty Images for Nordstrom

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