Reasons Why Microneedling at Home Is Better Than Anti-aging Creams

Worried about your skin wrinkles and spots? Try derma-rolling or microneedling at home. Skin plays the most important role to make us beautiful and healthy. If your skin is filled with wrinkles and black spots just because you lose elastin and collagen which is the main tissues to make your skin soft, young and healthy. If you’re unable to keep them alive you’ll face consequences from your skin.

Factors behind collagen and elastin damage:

  • Use of drugs

When you use drugs to heal your bad habits, it damages your skin tissues. These tissues start to death and wrinkles appear on your skin. Drugs also cause aging signs on your skin especially on your eyelid.

  • Pregnancy Pills

Pregnancy pills usage is most common in women now a day. Often it ends to kill your skin tissues and melasma sign appear on your face or neck. It appears mostly on your nose and forehead.

  • Vaccination

Vaccinations are also the main factor behind killing elastin and collagen. Vaccinating can be harmful when it is tried too many times.

Microneedling At Home

How to recover skin tissues?

As we come to point the main question arising in your mind which is how to recover your skin? The best possible method is derma rolling or micro needling at home.

What Is Micro-Needling?

Micro-needling (also called collagen induction therapy) is the medical process to cure your skin with different tiny needles. These needles make little punctures on the upper layer of your skin to refill elastin and collagen. (Yes, Seriously) These tiny holes make skin tissues alive again. It is the best medical technology to make your skin soft and spotless. The main idea behind micro needling to refill structured protein. This may seem the newest way to you but It is an old technique to make remove aging signs and wrinkles. You can try microneedling at home with the use of MESOLYFT needle roller.

This process seems painless to you but it is not. Everyone can cure his/her skin with microneedling at home. It is a best possible method for the skin blemish removal. Let’s explore how it is done.

How Micro-Needling?

Product used for the micro needling is a derma roller. Micro-needling Is also known as derma rolling.

What is Derma Roller?

Derma roller consists of the roller and tiny needles. The roller is applied to the affected part to cure skin issues and it refills the collagen in your skin. The tiny needle on the derma roller makes little holes in your skin. This seems painful process but it is not actually. Your skin issues can be demolished in few times with derma roller. Buy your derma roller from Amazon which the best recommendation is to try microneedling at home.

  • Microneedling At Home:

Buy your derma roller or derma pen and start microneedling or derma-rolling at home. Needle roller consists lots of tiny needles which is gently rolled in a different direction on the upper layer of skin to make it spotless, wrinkleless and younger. Two following outcomes receive from these procedures.

  1. Little punctures on the upper layer of skin create micro-channels allow skin products to absorb into the skin and it recreates the dead tissues of the skin.
  2. Littles holes or tiny punctures in microneedling at home turn skin into healing mode and increase the capacity of elastin and collagen. This method refreshes our skin and demolishes all the flaws, spots, lines, wrinkles and aging signs on the skin. The micro-needling process allows us to reform our skin and make it younger, soft and healthy.

This method involves a professional process to inject elastin and collagen in our skin.