Now We Know Exactly What Meghan King Edmonds Eats During Her Twin Pregnancy

Meghan King Edmonds’ second pregnancy is already different from the first — given that this time she’ll be delivering twins. That gives an entirely new dimension to the expecting phase — not to mention an entirely new circumference to the bump! — and Meghan is minding all the details. On her blog, she has just revealed what exactly she eats to keep this pregnancy healthy and comfortable.

First of all, throughout the day she drinks at least one gallon of water before dinner; a special tea that she drinks midday (oatstraw and melisa steeped overnight to calm contractions) counts toward this goal.

She also consumes at lease 100 grams of protein — meaning she packs some into every meal and snack. As well, Meghan makes sure she’s getting plenty of iron in the form of supplements. And to make sure those supplements don’t upset her stomach, she has a solid breakfast every day — such as three scrambled eggs and cheese.

On her blog, Meghan summarizes her every single diet and health detail, broken down in an agenda throughout each day of her pregnancy — and shares the recipe for that special tea, too.

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