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Pet Country offers healthy food options, boarding and grooming services in Missouri City

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Owner Brett Birdsong opened Pet Country, a family-owned and operated pet food and supply store, in Missouri City in 1995.

Birdsong, who has five Labrador retrievers of his own, aims to provide healthy options for customers’ pets.

“Dogs and cats are truly dependent,” Birdsong said. “They’re counting on us to feed them good quality foods that will benefit their overall health.”

Most of the pet food sold at Pet Country is from small family-owned companies, Birdsong said. Due to industry regulations, pet food quality is at an all-time high, he said.

“If you go back looking at 1995—compared to present day pet food and supplies—it’s night and day what we have to offer,” Birdsong said.

Birdsong and his staff can help customers find the best food for their pets’ individual needs. Most of the food offered at Pet Country is classified as “human” grade, and, if it is not human grade, it is made in a human grade facility, Birdsong said.

“Our goal is to not only give you a healthier pet but keep you from having to go to the veterinarian for unnecessary visits,” he said. “Some pet food supply stores might be like a fast-food chain, and then you have [stores]like ours that are very dedicated to the top-shelf foods.”

In addition to selling specialty dog food, Pet Country offers boarding and grooming services, Birdsong said. Although prices for grooming and boarding services vary on a pet-by-pet basis, Birdsong tries to offer the most affordable rates in the area, he said.

Pet Country is open for boarding services 365 days a year, and all kennels are indoors. The store’s groomer has worked with Birdsong for nearly a decade and has a strong client base, Birdsong said.

“The majority of the customers that come in here are repeat customers,” he said. “Not only do they know us by name, but, more importantly, we know them by name.”

Pet Country also sells treats, beds, bones and toys, and for customers looking for specific food items not sold in the store, Birdsong is able to make calls to have particular brands delivered in small shipments, he said.

“It’s a very rewarding business,” Birdsong said. “We’ve been here long enough to where we’ve had customers come in with a puppy, and I’ve watched that puppy grow all the way from 8 weeks of age to a senior, pass on, and they come in with another puppy. You grow emotionally attached to the customer [and]to their pet.”

Pet Country
4783 Lexington Blvd., Missouri City
Hours: Mon.-Fri. 8 a.m.-7 p.m., Sat. 8 a.m.-6 p.m., Sun. 5:30-7 p.m.

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