Refresh Your Skin With Micro needle Roller and Be Young

Feared of aging signs and wrinkles on your skin? Looking for micro needle roller? First, you’ve to understand what is in your skin and why is this happening. Our skin plays the most important roller in our health and outer beauty. If your skin is healthy, clean and young your look will be glamorous. Skin is formed by the different tissues and when these tissues start to death we lose our skin health and beauty. Elastin and collagen are the tissues in our skin which plays a most important role to make it healthy, soft and clean. When these tissues damaged by bad factors we lose our skin health and glamour.

Refresh your skin with microneedle roller

When aging signs and wrinkles appear on your skin, there are many methods to refresh our skin. Many clinics are there in the market to refresh your skin by surgery or by electronic rays but it is dangerous to our health. Collagen induction therapy or micro-needling is the medical solution for wrinkles and spots on our skin. By this method, we use needle roller or derma roller to cure our skin diseases. This is an old ancient method to cure our skin and remove spots and lines from it.

micro needle roller

Needle roller consists of many tiny needles on it which are used to make holes or punctures on the upper layer of the skin. This method seems painful but actually, it is not. By using needle roller, we induct collagen and elastin tissues in our skin. This process makes our skin young and healthy again. When collagen is inducted into our skin it removes all the wrinkles and aging signs.

Why Micro Needle Roller?

In micro-needling, we use micro needle roller to remove our skin flaws. This method is best to use at home and there is no side effect of this product. It contains a roller and, on a roller, there are different tiny needles which are used for collagen induction. This method seems painful but actually, it is not. The most important pros of using this device are no side effect. And this method is successful at home.

Micro Needling at home

Buy your product from MESOLYFT store and when you receive the most 1st thing to do is deeply analyze the device for 2 to 5 minutes. It consists of two parts one is handled and other is a roller. Roller consist of many little tiny needles and these needles are used to make holes.

Sterilize the Product

Dip the micro needle roller into alcohol for a few minutes and then clean it with tissue. Don’t forget to sterilize the device before using it.


 Clean your skin

Before applying the product on your skin don’t forget to remove makeup. Makeup is harmful when you apply needle roller. Clean your skin with a good antibiotic soap and remove dust completely.

How to apply?

Make the different portion of the affected parts where you want to apply the needle roller. Move the device gently and softly on the skin and don’t apply it too much hard. It is recommended to apply the device in the night. Don’t wash your skin after making punctures and leave it for a  few hours. You’ll see the results in a few hours after using Amazon’s needle roller.